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How to Make Stuffed Animals Modern Simple Patterns

Learn how to make 18 stuffed animal projects with original sewing patterns and illustrated instructions with this endearing new guide!With a complete overview of techniques and materials, How to Make Stuffed Animals shows that making these cuddly creatures is fun, addictive, and much easier than one would think. Anyone who has completed the most basic [...]


CAT CARE Caring for Furry Mousetraps A.k.a. House

Curious about cats? It has been claimed that people who like house cats invariably love books. This delightfully illustrated volume on house cat care gives detailed information about their behaviour, interactions with their own as well as other species, vaccination, deworming, restraining, feline vocalisations, mating, pregnancy, delivery, aggression, old age, ethical issues and myriad other [...]


Cat Tree Plans Build Cat Condo Furniture Window

Simple and easy plans to build your own cat tree and cat furniture. Step by step directions, pictures showing an actual cat tree being built, material and cut list, as well as a carpeting guide in each plan.The book contains a total of 12 plans to make cat trees, cat condos, cat tower, vertical cat [...]