The Forever Litter Tray

The Forever Litter Tray® offers a greener and more cost-effective alternative to disposable cardboard cartridges, and this new version now includes the Forever Flap Kit for even more convenience. The one-piece tray is made from strong, high impact plastic (made entirely from fully recyclable materials) that will never leak. Each tray comes with the new Forever Flap Kit for improved odor containment and additional waste compartment capacity, as well as increased convenience for cleaning and for that occasional rake and stir (see photos). Please visit the Forever Litter Trays informational website ( for more details and information. (*PLEASE NOTE: The Flap Kit portion will NOT fit on the lids of the manual Scoopfree Slide model -- however will fit fine on all other machines). (Forever Litter Trays, Inc. is not affiliated with ScoopFree®, Lucky Litter, Brilliant Pet, ScoopMaidTM or LitterMaid®. ScoopFree is a registered trademark of Lucky Litter LLC. ScoopMaidTM is a registered trademark of LitterMaid, Inc.) more

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