CAT CARE Caring for Furry Mousetraps A.k.a. House

Curious about cats? It has been claimed that people who like house cats invariably love books. This delightfully illustrated volume on house cat care gives detailed information about their behaviour, interactions with their own as well as other species, vaccination, deworming, restraining, feline vocalisations, mating, pregnancy, delivery, aggression, old age, ethical issues and myriad other things in a manner that is both pleasurable and amusing. I have the experience of bringing up dozens of house cats by hand for well over a decade. Inter alia you will find information on when to fire that vet for inappropriate deworming and how to choose a surgeon. Cat parlance is is gradually explained without turning the work into a glossary which will make concepts easier to recall when the vet speaks. Legal issues are briefly touched. Even if you don't own a cat or ever mean to, in life you will come across cats - that's a guarantee. Dive into this bestseller and learn to read a cat like a book! more

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